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Recent Talks

November 2013 Kieran
60 minute talk on site specific architecture
at invitation of 5710 the Society of Architecture Students in Aberdeen

November 2012 Kieran & Makiko
50 minute talk on architecture competitions for small practices
at invitation of EUSAS

October 2012 Makiko
30 minute talk on design small things
at invitation of Edinburgh Napier University.

May 2012 Kieran
25 minute talk on the idea of context as driver for architecture
at invitation of the new V&A in Dundee. LINK

Kieran Gaffney [Konishi Gaffney] from Creative Edinburgh on Vimeo.

Video of Kieran talking at the RSA about Warming Hut project
[start at 3:53]

Drawing of Chiiori House
Chiiori Trust
Chiiori was bought in 1973 by ALex Kerr, author of Lost Japan. The story of this house has been a strong influence on our work & approach.