Borders House
near Lauder 2009-current
The client sold their cold 17thC farmhouse with small windows and moved out and into their adjacent walled garden, to build a house with a direct connection to the landscape.

A 4 bedroom self built house in the Scottish Borders. The client is a musician and teacher. Part of the house design was a separation between the public 'music room' to be used for teaching and performances and the more private house.

Arranged around two courtyards the public entrance yard and the private house courtyard - orientated to the south and protected from the cold East wind in the area.

This will be a highly energy efficient house, with a BREAM rating of excellent. It includes passive solar gain, almost 300mm of highly efficient insulation and a wood pellet stove to provide heating and hot water. A sedum flat roof, locally sourced larch cladding and recycled scots slates will all help the house blend into the garden and wider landscape.

The house was designed and taken to building warrant stage together with Benjamin Tindall Architects.

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